Recovering filmmaker. Chronic volunteer. Cats.

Steve Okino    |     Portland, Oregon



Mr. Brady is the reigning King of Cats. More about him here.

Molly and Desmond

Ms. Molly Ivins and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu. R.I.P. (2011). Both from the largest animal rescue in the history of Hawai‘i. More about them here.


The first cat, and a total surprise. 1996-2009. More about Makana, her name, and her life here.

Giving Back

House of Dreams

House of Dreams provides shelter and care for abandoned, homeless, and special needs cats, with the goal of finding them permanent homes or providing them a lifetime home in our facility. It’s a free-roam shelter, where resident cats can explore, mingle, or curl up in their own private space. And it’s a no-kill shelter, which every healthy or treatable cat can call home for the rest of its life—or until it’s adopted into a loving home!

I work primarily with cats carrying the Feline Leukemia virus; House of Dreams is one of the few places in the nation where these awesome cats are welcomed, loved, and adopted.

Learn more at the House of Dreams website.

PAW (Portland Animal Welfare) Team

The Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team saves lives, alleviates suffering, and keeps pets and people together by providing free veterinary care to the pets of people who are experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty. More at the PAW Team website.

Meals on Wheels

I drive a route every week for Meals on Wheels, whose mission is:

No senior will go hungry or experience social isolation.

Learn more, and volunteer to help, here at the Meals on Wheels website!