Holding Fast the Dream: Hawai‘i’s African American Experience, documentary, 60 minutes (2010)

Lahaina: Waves of Change, documentary for the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation (writer, 2007)

Ma Ka Malu Ali‘i: The Legacy of Hawaii’s Ali‘i, documentary for PBS Hawai‘i (producer/writer, 2007)

A Most Unlikely Hero, documentary for American Public Television/PBS Hawai‘i, 60 minutes (director/producer/writer, 2003)

Financing Your Future, series on person investment for Hawai‘i Public Television (producer, 1999)

The Campaign for Equal Rights, advocacy film for marriage equality (director/producer, 1998)

A Town Remembers, documentary on the closing of the last sugar plantation on the island of Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i Public Television/Spectrum Hawai‘i (writer, 1996)

For All of Us, documentary on organized labor in Hawai‘i (director/producer, 1995)